domingo, 28 de octubre de 2007

Astrological Services

Full Natal:

The full Natal Reading provides a complete analysis of your natal chart, using Traditional Astrology, which has been known to predict important events in life. It will provide you with information of the different areas in life and the fate that awaits you. Each Natal Reading will include Solar Return, Fridarias, Transits and Profection, in order to give you a comprehensive reading of what you can expect for your “year”. Subjects such as; Work, Health, Love and Economical issues will be addressed, but not limited to. Take Control of Your Destiny – Request a reading today! Cost: $130.00


AstroFinance and Business Analysis takes advantage of centuries of knowledge and puts it to the advantage of those who want to grasp a competitive edge over the competition. By calculating the planets and reviewing their aspects we can determine a wealth of information as to how the future will look like two years from now, or even ten years. Timing events, as to when to invest, promote, and have a better control over your cash flow is of essence in our competitive environment. Take Control of your business visit;


It’s an ancient technique that provides answers to specific questions at the time the question is made to the astrologer. All one needs to do is send the question in mind, when sending the payment. What questions can be made? Cost: $60.00

· Will I marry the man I know?
· Will I have a child?
· Will I buy the house?
· Will my finance improve?
· Am I cursed?
· How will my criminal case turnout?
· Will I have a boy or a girl?
· Are rumors true?

If you have problems paying please email me;

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Rodney Smith dijo...

Saludos David,
While we have different approaches to the topic, I find it amusing that we have come to the same conclusion.

Your approach is interesting, and binary, have you tried it on other elections? and if so, what is your "strike rate"?