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Free Will or Destiny of a Nation

Free Will or Destiny of a Nation
2008 USA Elections
Skepticism is the chastity of the intellect. – Santayana

Many will be surprised of this site; to find, that this is not an analytical review of neither who may be the future candidates for the Presidency of the United States, nor who will I find to be my favorite candidate. Far from that, it is a philosophical view of the Cosmos and my position as to rather the Universe has already determined the destiny of a Nation. A position that will take us to the next level and which has always been a debate of Free will or Destiny.

Much has been said about man’s free will. Today, the exaltation of democracy, free press, moral rights, technological advances, and how we want to control nature has taken us to a “profound” position of what free will really is.

But liberty or Free Will is analogues term. We want the “liberty to do as we please”, but our actions may already be determined to take us to where we are at. Baruch Spinoza once said; “Men believe they are free, because they are conscious of their will and desires, but are ignorant of the causes that their will and the desires and hopes have taken them.”

Is it the President the one who has determined the destiny of a nation, or is it through the determination of the people that fate has taken over their lives, through the President? Are we truly conscious as a nation of what we want, or is it our passions and desires which decide, thus, being ignorant of what those causes are? I pose these questions as the initial part of this essay, to put into perspective what I would like to prove one year prior to the elections.

This has its obstacles, but only on a personal level. If I fail to prove my point it will only strengthen the position of those who believe in free will. If I ascertain my point I will be as much criticized, but I hope to engender the need to create consciousness so that we can take control of our destiny by using free will.

Can we determine are destiny or does destiny determine us?

The masters of personal growth have rhapsodized about the endless potential of man to achieve all that endless potential that one has. Just recently, the laws of attraction took a gigantic step in marketing, when the “Secret” was released, promising that anything is possible if it is only thought of. You will attract wealth, happiness, and all that which you have wished for. On the other hand you have Eric Berne, author of, What you say after you say hello? a Transactional Analysis, who says that genes, parental programming and external conditioning decide the courses of our lives.

Osho says: "You are utterly mistaken if you think you are the doer; you are merely an instrument in the hands of the divine. Let it do what it wants to be done through you, and let go of yourself." We return to where we began: destiny rules. But how different is the perspective here! As instruments of the Higher Will we live not for ourselves but for others. Free of fear, doubt, or desire, we are established in equilibrium, resisting nothing and accepting everything.

Saint Thomas Aquinas position on free will was that man had the will and intelligence. He associated the will and the faculty to choose that which was right from wrong, once he was conscious of what was right.

We can go on in trying to define free will and destiny, which is not the point of the essay, but more to prove that destiny has already been written for a nation.

Free Will and Destiny are one of the same coin:
Those who cannot recall the past are condemned to repeat it. - Santayana

My point of view on the subject is that will is not free, it has to do with cause and effect and when we achieve the consciousness of what are destiny is, then we can apply the free will to change the outcome of those effects. In other words, free will and destiny is the same thing, each on different sides of the coin. We are determined to live in a certain way, with a certain family, but this was determined under the circumstances of using are free will to live out those lessons in life. We choose are family, they are what we wanted; our environment is what we have chosen.

If we want to change that, then we must understand our destiny. We are architecture of our own destiny; we have already paved our own path in life and our free will cannot take place as we know it, unless we see ahead.

On a collective level, we all pull towards the same purpose, but influenced by the passions that we have created in life. Passions such as wealth, sex, and “liberty”, are but a few of the things people aspire. We fail to see the higher purpose, so we are inclined to choose those who will in some shape or form, fulfill those passions.

Thus we have a President as George W. Bush, in which our fears of threat and violence has been reflected upon other nations. He is not responsible, in a “spiritual sense”, of what the people of the United States are living, who elected him are responsible. Ah yes! But he stole the elections! No, he is a reflection of what we want taken away. He is the cause of all the effects we have been reflecting for years. He is part of our destiny, and we have failed to use our free will to alter that destiny, because we do not know what our destiny is.

Our Very Moment:

Our world finds itself at an extraordinary threshold in which, despite all the advances, we find ourselves in a rare moment of history, in which we feel that our destiny has been paved for the worse of the outcomes. It is not necessary to posses prophetic insight to recognize that we are living a chaotic period in life in which stress and struggle has become are very way of life. Fundamental changes are taking place of our views, and we are seeking new forms in which we can become better, but not necessarily improving our spiritual growth.

We feel that something is certainly dying, but at the same time, something is about to be reborn. But meanwhile, most of the world stands adrift, not understanding which direction to take.

The ancient sages understood the principles and purpose of life, it was simple, the looked at the Cosmos and understood the direction destiny was taking them.

USA Elections 2008
“It was my destiny” – Star Wars Darth Vader

The elections can be determined under the premise that “we the people” have failed to understand the higher purpose of our destiny and have misused our free will. The consequences of such action is that the Cosmos, the Universal Laws will take over our actions in order to help us recollect our past errors in life, going into consequential cycles that when repeated, will hit us much stronger.

I will outline as to how I come about these conclusions, and how the Cosmos intertwines our fate, all this, despite the fact that we do not need to know who will be the candidate, what political party will win, or needless to say, who will win the primaries.

“There are no coincidences, no random events, no casual happenings. Every event of your life is exactly what you need, part of your personalized program to complete your life's mission.

The tapestry of world history is unrolling, all according to plan, yet you have complete freedom to choose how to react. There are events that will happen. History has a destiny. Your life has a destiny. But it's up to you to decide if you will embrace it, or watch from a back row seat.” – The Matrix

Why do I go to the extent of wanting to prove the outcome of an event that is yet to happen? To create the consciousness of the influence of the Cosmos, and hoping that by understanding the influence that they have among us, we can improve the environment we live in, or as Richard Tarnas tells us in his book, Cosmos and Psyche “that it will point towards an enlarged understanding of our evolving universe, and of our own still-unfolding role within it. If we can become aware, then the awakening will take place, and we will forge a better future. If we sit on denial, then fate will take its toll, and we will continue to abuse of our passions.

Which Party will Win the 2008 Elections?

William Ramesey "Astrology Restored" Chapter IV -

Of Going to War, or beginning of Differences and Duels, Quarrels, Law-Suits, Controversies and the like.[1]

"Learn thou this, that the Ascendent, and its Lord, and the Planet or Planets therein, or in conjunction or Configuration with the Lord thereof, or in aspect with it, are to signifie him or them who begin the quarrel or controversies, the seventh, Lord thereof, and Planet or Planets therein, and in aspect therewith, or with the Lord thereof, or conjunction with him, the other, or contrary party."

We start off by selecting the date and hour in which the elections take place. The US Elections start November 2, 2008, at 12:01 am, Dixvelle Notch, New Hampshire.[2]

William Ramesey’s tells us; “But have special care he be not in the abject part of heaven, viz the fourth or in the seventh, because then he is disposed by the enemy, or as it were intrapped or environed by him; neither let him be in the eighth or in combustion or retrograde, nor cadent, or any otherwise debilitated; neither in reception or aspect of any planet thus afflicted”.

The Ascendant is in Leo, who represents the challenging party, the Democrats, and the Sun is the ruler of Leo. The Sun is in the fourth house, Scorpio; “But have special care he be not in the abject part of heaven, viz the fourth or in the seventh, because then he is disposed by the enemy, or as it were intrapped or environed by him.”

The VII house represents the Presidential party in control, the Republicans, and it is represented astrologically by Aquarius, its ruler Saturn. Saturn is in the Second house in Virgo and is strong due to its accidental dignity and mutual reception with Mercury who is in Libra. Ramesey tells us; “place the Lord of the VII, (if you would have those signified by it be worsted) in the Ascendant or the Second, and applying to the Lord of the Ascendant by sextile or trine, by any other aspect, for that betokeneth a desire or inclination to agreement.”
According to Ramesey, it coincides that the Presidential candidate for the Republican party, is not in a good condition to win, since he clearly states; “place the Lord of the VII, (if you would have those signified by it be worsted) in the Ascendant or the Second.”

Ramesey also goes on in showing us how to fortify the one we want victorious; “Whatever you do, see that you fortify Mars, and let him, if possible, be lord of the party you want victorious (as hath been said) and essentially well dignified and well placed in the heaven, and also free from all manner of impediment, applying by sextile or trin to the significator or his house, the Ascendant and its Lord, if they be chief significator.”

Mars is in its own house, Scorpio and the Sun is in Scorpio, separating from a conjunction with Mars by 19 degrees. Therefore; “Whatever you do, see that you fortify Mars, and let him, if possible, be lord of the party you want victorious (as hath been said) and essentially well dignified and well placed in the heaven, and also free from all manner of impediment,”

So the Sun, which represents the Democratic Presidential candidate, is being fortified by Mars. At this point, I would judge that the elections will be a very close election, and that the Democratic party will have a better advantage, economically. Since it’s second house is strong in Virgo.

The Moon is the second significator of the Ascendant and it is in mutual reception with Jupiter, having accidental dignities and somewhat strong, separating from Mercury in the Third house. They are both free from impediments.

We should also look at the Part of Fortune, and this is what Ramesey has to say; “if thou desirest success to the beginner it ought to be placed in the Confines or Houses appertaining to them; as if for the beginner, let it be in the Ascendant, thenth, second or eleventh.”

We see in the chart that represents the initial voting period that the Part of Fortune is located in the eleventh house. This is another indication that the Ascendant representing the Presidential Democratic Party, is strong.

Guido Bonatti, XIII century astrologer mentions in his book[3]; “Look even in the knowledge of the war’s victory to see which of the combatants ought to be the victor. And you will see if the Sun and the Moon were located from the line of the X house up to the line of the IV house, on the side of the Ascendant; or from the line of the IV house up to the line of the MC on the setting side, and they were free and clean (namely fortunate and strong): because they will signify the war’s victory on the side in which they are. Like if they are on the side of the Ascendant, they will signify it for the querent or inceptor. If however they are on the setting side, they will signify it for the adversary. If perchance they were unfortunate or weak, they will signify the contrary: because he on whose side they are, will succumb.”

Both the Sun and the Moon are located between the IV house and the MC on the setting side, or the western side of the chart. The Sun is in its face, so there is some anxiety and concern on the part of the Presidential Republican party. The Moon is also located between the IV and the MC, the V house, and in opposition to the Part of Fortune.


If I have made adequate use of the interpretation, written by the ancients, I would have to conclude that the Democratic Presidential Candidate should win the elections.

[1] Astrologia Restaurata William Ramesey
[2] Chart A - USA Elections 2008
[3] The Astronomy Guido Bonatti – Translated by Benjamin N. Dykes Phd.

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